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Cooking What for Dinner with Mom- Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Sicilian Style

I’m in my home town of Joplin and cooking with my Mom, Glenda Wittner.  It was an experience. We will start with the shopping.  My mom was amazed at how you can look up things on your phone while your in the grocery store.  Part way thru shopping she was saying “look that up on your computer”.   Today was one-stop shopping so I did have to make a couple of substitutes in the recipe which is perfectly fine because we all know that life never goes according to plan and compromise is the spice of life.  No Arugula so I used Romaine.  Mom didn’t know what arugula was so I looked it up on my computer (phone).  Arugula is an aromatic salad green that is popular in Italy.  There was even pictures.  No plum tomatoes so we decided to use Roma tomatoes. No cubanelle peppers but google said they are used in the US to replace Poblano peppers, the store did have those. And last but not least, no Nero D’Avola Sicilian wine.  I was excited that I could buy the wine at the grocery store; in Kansas you can’t do that.  I decided on a Cabernet Sauvignon and I was carded by the cashier who was in college.  That  means double yeah because I am 38 and when you are in college everyone over 21 looks old.  I was thrilled, since my parents won’t be home tonight to eat dinner and neither will I, I told the cashier I would bring him over dinner. 

We get home and realized that we forgot the Sicilian olives.  After debate we decided to use green olives and then the recipe doesn’t even tell you what to do with the olives.  No big deal, I just added them on top before I put the chicken in the oven.  

Now for cooking.  I find that whenever I am cooking with my mom we revert back about 30 years.  Is this true of all moms and daughters?  She always knows a better way, which I was appreciative that she showed me a better way to peel garlic.  Just smash it with a big knife than peel it.  Maybe now my fingers won’t constantly smell like garlic.  One huge perk is that she does have a cast iron skillet, a small one but it will work.  And it is ALWAYS better cooking along side someone, especially if they clean up after you. At one point mom did go downstairs to change out the laundry, she does laundry like it is going out of style, and she said to me “are you going to be ok if I leave for a minute”.  Nevermind that I have been cooking dinner all by myself for about 20 years.  

Of course we had to taste test:  On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 10. It was spicy and I love olives. Yes, it is really that great. Mom- 10 and she did eat it before going out to dinner and wants to make it again, Wayne (step dad) said the sauce was a 9 and he would give it a 10 if the whole chicken was included, not just the dark meat.  Kendra Henderson- 10, she’s  my best  friend from Joplin High School and she thought all I could make was grilled cheese with velveeta. 

We did end up watching the show, it airs here at 3:30, though we cooked at about 3:00.  Long story short, we did some things wrong but it still turned out incredible!!!! 

Mom and I together again in the kitchen


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  1. * Tiffany Kopp says:

    Fab dinner!!!! And you both are so cute!!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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