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What’s for Dinner… Aretha’s Holiday Meatloaf

There were two recipes on the show to choose from today, either pimento cheese stuffed chicken with smashed sweet potatoes & steamed green beans or Aretha Franklin’s Holiday Meatloaf. My lovely children picked the meatloaf and since they out number me I made the meatloaf. Be forewarned this is not a Rachael Ray recipe.

Ingredients were very simple: 6lbs ground beef (I know, that is a lot!), corn flakes, green olives with pimentos, garlic, garlic salt, crushed red pepper flakes and 2 cans of tomato soup. Nothing to Google.

Simple to cook, just mix it together and throw it in the oven. Yes, it is kinda fun just digging in and smushing together everything with your bare hands. Takes me back to my playdough days which was only about 3 years ago. Kinda missed the challenge of multiple steps before putting anything in the oven. What is wrong with me?

The outcome……..well I don’t know if it is just me but every time I make meatloaf, which has not been in a really long time, the required cooking time is almost always double what it is supposed to be. So the compromise to not be late for bed time…..the kids showered, did homework and chores before dinner. That was as long as I could make them wait. They ended up just having cereal then some of the meatloaf right before they went to bed. Meatloaf had to cook about 2 hours. It was 6lbs of ground beef. Recipe only calls for 40 minutes covered and 20 minutes uncovered.

Best part of the night – everyone sitting around and really tasting the food to figure out their rating. When do you really ever slow down to think about what you are eating and if you really like it? It is a really good thing.

The rating for this meatloaf, not a perfect 10, however the red pepper flakes did give it a little kick and how can you go wrong putting green olives in anything. I can see why it is holiday meatloaf, there are lots of red & green with the olives and soup. Of course we have lots of leftovers which I think will be perfect for meatloaf sandwiches!

Not to be rude, but stick with singing Aretha, and leave the cooking to Rach!

Dinner tomorrow…..enchilada suizas (suizas being Spanish for “Swiss-style” – see I’m Googleing already and I haven’t started shopping yet) & green rice, can’t wait !!!!!


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  1. * Amy says:

    Next time you make meatloaf try making mini loaves. Cuts down on cooking time and everyone gets their own. Big hit at my house. Pretty picture!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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