Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

What’s for Dinner – Philly Cheesesteak – Stuffed Garlic Bread

The great thing about watching Rachael Ray cook “What’s for Dinner” while I was at the gym today is that I adjusted my workout accordingly. From the title of today’s post you know I had to work out a little longer than usual.

Grocery shopping was easy, nothing to Google. I have noticed that Rachael always goes for higher quality cuts of meat and I would have to admit I agree with her style. Life is too short for cheap wine or cheaper cuts of meat.

I do get asked if I grocery shop every day. Yes I do. I have actually found it to be easier. There is nothing I ever have to thaw and I am really getting to know everyone that works at all the different grocery stores I shop at. We do live in America were food is readily available so why is it that we feel the need to stuff our pantries with stuff we end up not even using. Maybe we wouldn’t need all those kitchen cabinets if we just shopped everyday. It takes about 15 minutes, sometimes a little longer, and I think I save money because I just run in get what I need and get out. It works for me anyway. I do think you need to always have on hand EVOO, onions, garlic, fresh herbs and good wine, those are pretty much the staples in life, right? Maybe bread, too.

I had to cook this at 2:00 in the afternoon because of all the kid activities going on in the evening and I had a party to attend. Cooking this early always works out great because I can listen to loud music and cook undistracted….. pure bliss. This was a pretty simple recipe and I would have to say my favorite part was cooking the fresh rosemary & garlic in the EVOO. I have decided rosemary smells sooooo good.  That it is my favorite herb, for today anyway. I did add dill to my window sill herb garden today.

From this dinner, Kayt discovered she likes provolone cheese. When I started cooking Rachael Ray everyday in August her favorite cheese was Velveeta. About a month ago I tried to make a grilled cheese with Velveeta and she said she didn’t like THAT kind of cheese. I said why? Her reply – “well mom it is only processed cheese”. There is hope for her yet.

Why do I cook a new Rachael Ray recipe everyday? Because achieving a small goal everyday with a positive outcome gives you confidence to set even bigger goals, I hope I am not only teaching my kids this but also showing them.

I kept dinner warm in the oven because everyone ate at different times. Isn’t that the story of life these days?  All the kids did like it. So I will give it an 8 on a scale of 1-10. I ate it for lunch the next day because I was so busy I forgot to eat dinner. I loved it!!!!! So glad I worked out extra for that one.

For tomorrow the kids picked the meatloaf recipe of Aretha Franklin’s, she is going to be on the Rachael Ray show. This is not a Rachael Ray recipe so I am not feeling good about that, but if Rach is cooking it on the show it must be good. Stay tuned.

Philly Cheesteak-Stuffed Garlic Bread


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  1. * Sheryl says:

    This is not a Rachael Ray recipe so I am not feeling good about that, but if Rach is cooking it on the show it must be good.

    There are no words………….I’m scared.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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