Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

What’s for Dinner…Mustard-Molasses Chicken One-Pot

When I first saw what I was cooking today the only thing that excited me was that it’s cooked in one pot.  I adjusted my attitude and moved forward, it has to be good if it’s Rachael Ray.  I am in Joplin today, cooking with Mom again which is always an experience.

I shopped in Kansas City before I made the trip down.  Everything was pretty easy to find. The new experience of the day….I am cooking with three ingredients I have never cooked with in my 38 years of living.  Parsnips, kale and molasses. Not sure what I think about this yet.

I arrive at my Mom’s and she says to me “Do we really have to cook Rachael Ray again, can’t we just go out to dinner?”.  Moms never fully understand their daughters.  This is a very difficult week to be cooking everyday but again it is really easy to put everything first before my joy.  And as my cousin Julie would say “My joy is not up for grabs”.  I’m cooking.

First of all let’s talk about how difficult it is to cook in someone else’s kitchen.  Women are very territorial.  I think we can all agree that our kitchens are our safe haven, the only place we have complete control in.

Mothers always have advice to give in their kitchens, too.  I was cutting the fat off the chicken thighs and she tells me to use scissors.  I try it and start to feel just a bit like I’m a doctor in surgery and then I think….why isn’t it this easy to cut the fat off our thighs. These are the problems we try to solve as the women of the world cook dinner.

I cut up the parsnips into long sticks which is a pain because there are no sharp knives in my mom’s kitchen!  Mom tells me that my veggies don’t look like Rachael Ray’s and I rationalize that Rachael has her own prep kitchen staff and very sharp knives.

I felt really old cooking with molasses since that is what grandmas cook with, right?  To add to the feeling of being old  I had spent the day showing my kids were I grew up and sharing with them stories from my past.  I felt like my mom and then realized I am the mom. What happened?

My special moment of the day:  My mother has never cooked with parsnips or kale either and she is 63, but she insists that she looks 25. If I had decided to skip cooking my mom and I would have never had this memory of trying parsnips and kale for the first time together.  This is one of those small moments that will be remembered forever.  By the way we both liked them.

Dinner was a success even though my kids complained the whole time I was making it.  They gave it a 9.5 which is another miracle in my life.  Ever since I started cooking Rachael Ray I have had lots of small miracles which is helping me find more happiness everyday.

This I know for sure….dinner will bring everyone together even if just for a few minutes. Wonder what else tomorrow’s dinner will bring?

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