Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

Turkey Chili Football Turnovers

Thank God I’m cooking in my own kitchen again!  I’m back home to settle in for some snow and hopefully a white Christmas.

Still cooking to find happiness.  Today I realize how amazing it is that to find out what is for dinner,  I just log onto the Rachael Ray show website and print it out.   Technology made it possible for America to experience a new and improved mom.   Dinner  is one less thing I have to think about and that gives me joy.  Not to mention variety is also the spice of life and I am cooking something different every night.

Grocery shopping today was just normal.  I would have to admit that I have grown fond of googling ingredients to learn what they are.  It has made such a mundane chore of grocery shopping into sort of real world classroom where leaning is actually fun.   The new ingredient I am working with today is puff pastry.  Where do I find that?  In the freezer section.

I am glad the chili that is going inside the puff pastry is made with turkey.  Is that kind of an oxymoron to use turkey instead of ground beef when you are just stuffing it into a pastry or do they cancel each other out in calories?

First step in the dinner process…you make the chili out of ground turkey, chili powder, cumin, McCormick Montreal Seasoning (another ingredient that I have grown to love ever since Rachael Ray introduced it to me) and diced tomatoes.  Of course a small, diced onion is thrown into the mix, too.  I have noticed the onion to be the common denominator in most of Rachael’s recipes.

For the first time I didn’t measure anything for this recipe.  Rachael is always just saying “eyeball it”.  After almost 4 months of cooking with Rachael Ray almost every night, I did just that.  I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff, or exact measurements.

I have mixed feelings about cooking with the puff pastry.  There were some extra steps with having to cut it on a floured surface and then using an egg wash to seal the edges.  In the end it is a really light and flaky pastry and I can say I have now cooked with puff pastry.

I did think about several ways to make this recipe with short cuts.  You could start by using canned chili and pre-shredded cheese.  But as we all know you don’t get the best things in life by taking short cuts.  So I shredded my own cheese which helped burn some calories to offset the puff pastry.  The chili was made from scratch, so to speak.

My favorite teenager, Tyler, picked out all the tomatoes but liked the rest.  Foster, who will always be known to me first as twin B, gave it an 8.5.  Kayt, twin A, was indifferent and then said it was good.  That’s a girl for ya.

I thought it was good but kind of a lot of work.  The fresh chives mixed into the sour cream with the garlic was a nice, unexpected touch.

Nevertheless I do feel really empowered that I have solved the age-old question of what’s for dinner.

Turkey Chili Football Turnovers


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