Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

English Pasties for Dinner!

Still snowing here…I’m over the whole excitement of having a white Christmas, however I did see bathing suits out at Target already and I’m not ready for that either. Dinner tonight is English Pasties which I did learn in cooking class (that would be what I call it when I watch Rachael prepare the dinner first on her talk show) that they are basically individual little portable beef pot pies.  On a snowy cold day…..really what could be better.

Dinner was a MUST DOWNLOAD!  That means log onto and make it. 

I only had to go to the store for two things, pie crusts and steak.  That being said, how can dinner turn out bad?  I have really grown to like going to the grocery store everyday, too.  I think it’s because it is no longer a chore to think about what I need since it’s on the recipe list.  I also no longer spend an hour trying to get everything I need.  My trips take at most 20 minutes.  I don’t have to ever thaw out anything and I feel like I’m a New Yorker.  Don’t they have to shop everyday because their apartments are so small?  I have always wanted to live in New York, but only for about a month because really I’m a true midwestern girl. So because I am cooking Rachael Ray everyday I am having sort of a  “New York” living experience, too.  Follow the logic in that. It’s all good.

 Add EVOO, steak, onions, garlic and Worcestershire sauce to the pan.  Saute that up and throw it in a pie crust and there is dinner.  It took maybe 20 minutes prep. Oops!  I forgot to get peas at the store, oh well, don’t sweat the small stuff!

And yes, steak inside a pie crust is heavenly.  I give it a perfect 10.

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