Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

Joly Mole-Rubbed Chicken Tacos with Green Rice

Since our meal plan was a little messed up from such a crazy week,  Kayt picked what was for dinner.  It was between the Joly Mole-Rubbed Chicken Tacos (from Wednesday’s show) or Quick Potted Spanish Chicken.  She picked the chicken tacos.

I grocery shopped alone which was really enjoyable since the kids have only been to school once in the last 20 days.  The new item I am adding to the list of  “things I am buying now that I never have in my entire life” is hot pickled vegetables known as giardiniera salad.  Rachael discovered using them as a condiment on tacos when she was in Austin, so now I am going to try them on taco’s.  That is how life works, you enrich your life by trying new things, if you like the new things they get added into your life making it better.  No wonder we get better with age.

I was really not sure when I was going to actually fit making this dinner into the schedule.  The day had been crazy with having extra kids over to play(another snow day), I had lunch with a friend (much-needed) and early evening consisted of piano lessons, basket ball practice and book club was at 7:00.  I just started prepping to save time when I am preparing dinner.  I chop, reconstitute an ancho chili (which I am now a pro at thank’s to Rachael) and make some rice all before piano lessons.

After piano and a drop off at basketball practice, I start cooking the chicken.  I finally get to use my new cast iron skillet.  Rachael cooks a lot with a cast iron skillet and I have never had one so my mother gave me one for Christmas, thanks mom.  The chicken is seasoned with a rub made from chili powder, cocoa powder and cinnamon.  I am really not sure about how this will turn out.

While cooking the chicken I make the paste to add into the rice.  The paste is made from some stock, spinach, cilantro, a jalapeño pepper and scallions.  I throw everything in the processor and push the button, simple as that!  One problem, I realize that instead of buying cilantro at the store I got flat leaf parsley.  I would remake the paste but I have no cilantro, no time to run to the store and flat leaf parsley is never a good substitute for cilantro in my world so the paste is not going to make the cut.  No big deal, life is just a series of compromises.

After the ancho chili is reconstituted I purée it with fire roasted tomatoes, this makes a really good sauce to serve on any mexican dinner.

I was surprised how great the chicken turned out,  it looks and smells really incredible, not something I expected.  Cocoa on chicken….this is a first for me and my family.

I did learn a new trick to warm flour tortilla’s,  Rachael taught me to just wrap them in foil and put them in the oven.  Again it is the smallest things that I learn that I get so excited about.

The flour tortilla is filled with the ancho sauce, grilled peppers and onions, avocado slices, lime juice, chopped up giardiniera salad and of course the mole chicken.

Joly Mole every kid liked it!  They were very skeptical about the cocoa on the chicken in the beginning.

I loved it!  The chicken had a really great flavor and the giardiniera salad really added the unexpected.  These tacos are filled with tons of veggies so you feel really good about eating them too!  No extra work outs needed!  Best served with a mexican beer or margarita.  Everyone was fed before I left for book club, what an accomplishment!


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