Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

Coconut Chicken Cutlets on a Crazy Day!

Finally today was not a snow day!  The kids are back to school and this is going to be a very hectic week of catch up and activities.  How will I pull off making Rachael Ray meals all week?  What have I gotten myself into?

What I have learned about myself is that I thrive on being really busy.  I always wonder exactly how much I can actually take on before I mess up something, or forget a kid somewhere.  I have multi tasked so many years with my kids and life that I am pretty sure I have given myself adult ADD.  Is that possible?

Sunday night I go to the Rachael Ray website to download all the grocery lists for the week so I can plan ahead.

I can’t believe my eyes…..there are no recipes on Monday.  What does that mean?  What am I going to do about dinner?  I start to panic but them come up with a plan.  I will just make what she is making on Tuesday for Monday since she has already made it once on her show and the directions are on the web site already.  Always good to have a plan B!!

Then I watched the show while I was working out and Rachael was cooking.  I paid very close attention and bought the ingredients on the way home, I was back on track!

I was only able to pull this off because the recipe had simple ingredients and less than 5 things I didn’t already have on hand so I was able to remember them.

Coconut Chicken?  Wasn’t sure about this dinner.  I have always not tried coconut shrimp because none of my children like coconut.  However Rachael is making coconut chicken so I am too.  New experiences are good for the kids and taste buds change with age.  Not to mention the kids are old enough to make their own PB&J if they don’t like it.

Basically you take chicken cutlets, pound them out flat with any frustrations you may have, then coat them in flour, egg and finally shredded coconut and panko breadcrumbs.  I have never used panko breadcrumbs, that is the new ingredient I am learning about today.  They are different from traditional bread crumbs in that they are bigger, crisper and in my opinion much better.  The tip I learned by watching my cooking coach Rachael……use tongs to dip the chicken in the flour, egg and panko & coconut mixture.  I had always used my fingers before and they get all gunky and then the phone always rings in the middle of the process and I never get my fingers rinsed in time to answer the phone then I have a message I have to listen to and a phone call I need to return.  Using tongs is so much better!

Fry up the chicken in EVOO.  When it is done put the chicken on a cooling rack on a cooking sheet in the oven to keep warm.  The cooling rack keeps it crisp.  I am thrilled that I can just keep it on warm until dinner because I am back to cooking dinner at 3:00 because evenings are so packed we only have time to eat the meal together, not make it.

You serve the chicken with a sauce made from pineapple preserves (which I had to go to two grocery stores to find) chicken stock and tamari (the fancy soy sauce we already learned about last week).

Dinner was a complete hit with everyone, of course I didn’t tell them it was made with coconut until after they admitted they loved it.  The sauce was incredibly easy to make and really awesome, I should have made double!

Super easy to make and clean up dinner!


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  1. * Teresa says:

    I saw that yesterday and it looked so good! Glad to know your kids ate it. My dh doesn’t like coconut either so I didn’t save the recipe. I may go back and get it it. I thought I might try it with fish too.:-)

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago

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