Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

Teriyaki Chicken Legs

What’s for dinner tonight……Teriyaki Chicken Legs.  When I am in the mood for chinese take out I will make this recipe instead so my skinny jeans will still fit the next day.  When you make this chinese dish you control how much fat and salt goes in. It was really super easy to make and very kid friendly.

Start with chicken legs, simply throw them in a teriyaki sauce to marinate for at least 4 hours, overnight is even better.  Bake at 400 degrees on a shallow baking sheet on a cooling rack.  The cooling rack keeps the chicken off the baking sheet for air circulation and all the fat drips away from the chicken.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds during the last 10 minutes of cooking time.

Serve it with  a simple stir fry.  To make the stir fry start with EVOO and fresh garlic.  When it’s super hot add a red pepper, a bunch of scallions and broccolini.  Broccolini is the new ingredient of the day that I have never cooked with or ever eaten.  Of course I have to google it:  Broccolini is a green vegetable similar to broccoli with small florets and long thin stalks.  Often misrepresented as a young broccoli, it is actually a cross between broccoli and Kai-lan, a chinese broccoli.  Broccolini taste like a cross between broccoli and asparagus.  After you blanch the broccolini in salted boiling water you sauté it in evoo & garlic.  Add the red pepper and scallions and you have a simple but really delicious stir fry.  I think adding some chili purée for heat would have been really great but I didn’t think of it in time, next time I will add it for sure.

Serve everything over rice (I used brown rice) and everyone loved it!  I did miss some crab rangoon and an egg roll but I will be thankful when I put on my skinny jeans tomorrow.  Thanks Rachael for another meal I didn’t have to invent!


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