Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

Penne with Vodka Sauce, Pearl onions and Peas

Tonight I go from cooking with wine to straight Vodka, should be interesting. 

Cooking the Penne is pretty straightforward so I will skip straight to making the sauce.  In a deep saucepan or skillet heat EVOO and butter.  I would have used one or the other before I started my cooking classes with Rachael Ray but …..two is better than one.  After the butter is melted add the onions.

Tonight we are cooking with fresh pearl onions.  I know this is a blonde moment but I never really knew there were fresh pearl onions, I just thought they came in glass jars and you added them to martini’s.  Thanks again Rachael for teaching me new things. You find fresh pearl onions in the produce section right next to the big onions.  They are much easier to peel than big onions too.  All you do is boil them in water, drain, cook and trim root ends,  Then you can just pop the onions out of the skin, amazing.

Saute the onions and add garlic, salt & pepper.  Add vodka and reduce a minute or 2.  Stir in tomatoes and heat thru.  Add the cream, fresh basil and tarragon, reduce on low.  That’s it.  Super easy.  Add the sauce to the penne and serve topped with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Even though it is made with Vodka, it is best served with a chilled chardonnay.  I wouldn’t say this was kid friendly but I liked it……I give it an 8.

Sometimes I think I take these pictures of the food to just prove to myself that I am actually cooking Rachael Ray every night and I just realized I left out the peas.


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