Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

Greek Chicken with Everything Orzo

Kind of excited to not have something italian tonight.  Ran outside again today and my iPod worked the whole time! Still freezing outside but I wore gloves.  How do you tell when it is the end of winter?  There are no more sets of matching gloves in your house.

tonight’s dinner took only about 45 minutes to make and I did make it at 2:30 in the afternoon to accommodate for all the evening activities.  I chopped up everything that needed chopped up first….this is not only a stress reliever but also a time saver.  Chop up a red onion, one green pepper, pitted kalamata olives and some flat leaf parsley. 

Marinate the chicken in EVOO, smashed garlic, fresh oregano (life is to short not to use fresh herbs), lemon slices and salt & pepper.  Rachael says to marinate the chicken only 10 minutes but I think it only gets better the longer you marinate.  After marinating, cook the chicken in an extremely hot cast iron skillet with EVOO.  Cook about 10 minutes on both sides then squeeze the juice of another lemon over the skillet before serving. 

Meanwhile in a second skillet with EVOO cook the onions and red peppers, season with salt & pepper.  After 5 minutes add 2 cloves of garlic.  Then add olives and tomatoes and cook a couple of minutes more.  Drain orzo (that you have cooking in yet another pot) and toss in serving dish with the veggies.  Add the parsley and feta and black pepper to taste.  The recipes call for greek hot peppers but I opted not to use them because my kids don’t like the heat.

Kids didn’t love dinner but did tolerate it and I am thrilled with just that.  I loved the orzo, the chicken was good but not my fav.  Still thrilled not to have to plan what was for dinner! Yes I am still taking pics as proof that I am a great cook thanks to Rachael Ray!


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  1. * Suzanne says:

    I made this today as well! I cut the tomatoes in half, though. I hate olives so skipped those. I marinated it all day and I also enjoyed the orzo mixture more than the chicken. I thought it was a little dry, but perhaps I overcooked it.
    I would love the nutritional information for the dish.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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