Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray


There were two recipes on the show today, a chicken dish and a fun appetizer.  Since everyone has spring fever at my house we are having the fun appetizer, potstickers, for dinner.  Yes things are crazy at my house and we are breaking all the rules. 

As strange as this sounds, these were really fun to make.  This is the perfect recipe to make with your kids! Of course I only have Kayt home, the boys are running around the neighborhood.  Kayt is in one of her hormonal 10-year-old moods, she has no interest in cooking with me.  Maybe I just need to borrow some kids. Other people’s kids think I am fun and they would probably want to cook with me. 

Start by combining ground pork, fresh ginger, garlic, whites of scallions, sesame oil, and soy sauce.  The recipe also calls for Chinese 5-spice powder and hot sauce too but I couldn’t find the 5-spice and I didn’t add the hot sauce because I thought it might be too spicy for the kids…..see I do really love those little people!  Smash it all together.  Spoon a small amount into each wonton wrapper.  Dab your finger in some water and moisten the edges.  Fold it over and seal it up,  like little half moons.

In a hot skillet of vegetable or peanut oil, sear both sides of the dumplings. Add a little chicken stock and cover the pan.  Steam until the meat is cooked thru and most of the liquid is gone.  Serve with a dipping sauce made of soy sauce, sesame oil and scallions.

This is what to make when you are craving chinese take out!  All the kids LOVED them.  What I loved most was the smell of fresh ginger when you grate it and cooking with sesame oil and of course they were really good!


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  1. * Pat Settle says:

    Tracy, I love reading your blog. I think it’s great you are making all these yummo meals. Good for you!!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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