Cooking my way to happiness with Rachael Ray

Meatball Melties

It’s Monday March 8th, still cooking Rachael Ray everyday (except weekends).  Tonight’s dinner was Meatball Melties.  Basically its a meatball burger.  Spring is in the air so I grilled these instead of cooking them in a cast iron skillet. It was even raining a little but I didn’t care, it’s not snow and I am thrilled to be grilling out!

You are supposed to use a meat loaf mix of ground beef, pork and veal.  Rachael said it is usually called “meat loaf mix” in the meat department.  I couldn’t find any so I just used ground beef.  I think I’m getting sick so I didn’t have the energy to go from store to store or even mix it up myself, however I am still cooking so don’t give me any grief.

Mix the ground beef with breadcrumbs, parsley, Pecorino Romano, egg (I skipped this too because we were out of eggs and none of the neighbors were home), garlic, onion, milk, sage, fresh nutmeg, salt and lots of pepper.  Mix up and form into patties.  Drizzle the burgers all over with EVOO.  Then throw them in the skillet or on the grill.

Meanwhile in a sauce pan heat up some fire-roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano, salt and pepper.  This is the sauce that will go on top of the burgers.

When the burgers are almost done melt provolone cheese on top.  Serve with the fire-roasted tomatoes sauce on ciabatta bread.

I thought the ciabatta bread was a little to hard for a burger, I am more of a soft bun girl, however maybe I just had a bad loaf.  The sauce was awesome, really awesome.  The meatball burger was very good too. 

I liked tonight’s dinner but it wasn’t a fav.  Kids liked it too, but not a wow.

Happiness was found in the smell of fresh basil, nutmeg and sage.  Remember life is to short not to use fresh, real herbs. Happiness also came from having dinner all together around the dinner table even it I have to pull the conversation out of the kids……. which is getting easier every day.